Wheel Chair Lift Bus

Hyundai Wheelchair Lift Buses come equipped with wheelchair lifts to help wheelchair-bound riders to get on and off the bus without effort.

There are two types of wheelchair lifts ; on-floor and sunken. The on-floor wheelchair lift is installed inside the bus, while the sunken type is fitted into the luggage compartment below the bus floor.


Hyundai Ambulances promise efficiency and security in the emergency transport of sick or injured people to health care facilities.

The County Ambulance can transport up to two patients at one time. It comes fully furnished with first-aid kits, resuscitators, oxygen tanks, sphygmomanometers and stretchers.

County Extra Long Body

County Extra Long Body is based on the long wheel base county with the 400mm – extended rear overhang in order to increase the seat capacity (Add 4 seat in a row). The interior trim and the glass on the extended body are reliable and look fine.

County Extra Long Body has two types. One is called ‘Jumping Seat Type’ which is consist of 32 seats including 25fixed seats and 7 folding seats. The other one is named ‘2x2 Seat Type’, which has 31 fixed seats.

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