Rigidity and Reliability for Safety is the top priority of the New Super Aero City

The New Super Aero City simply radiates a sense of solidness. Its occupant can be in no doubt whatsoever that they are in the safest of hands. Its secret : the truss type structure. So, centre frame is improved flexural and torsional rigidity than frame type structure. And the sturdy body, organized with one-piece type roof bows and enforced roof corner panel, provide extra stability and a wide range of safety factors - both active and passive - ensures the best possible protection for all occupants.

1. Integrated Side Skid Rails Into One Piece and Window Pillar Size Up

2. Simplified The Rear Frame

3. Cant Rail Section Close Form

4. Added 2 Beads To Corner Panel

5. Integrated Roof Bows Into One Piece

6. Enhanced The Flexural Rigidity and The Torsion Rigidity Rear Side Frame

7. Square Tube Structure Of Centre Frame

8. Improved The Rigidity Of Mid Door

9. Raised The Height Of Out-trigger

Electro Static Immersion System

HMC’s bus and truck factory is equipped with a large-capacity electrostatic priming tank which is capable of accommodating the entire bus body. Primers can now reach previously inaccessible areas to provide maximum corrosion protection for the life of the vehicle

Deck Assembly Method

Other innovations include the introduction of the deck assembly method. The method attaches the entire body assembly to the chassis for greater precision, stiffness and strength.

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