Two influences. One car

Here’s a new idea combine the style of a coupe with the functionality of a hatchback. The result? Veloster. A crossover utility vehicle with a unique, innovative presence, it’s where dynamics meets practicality.


Staying connected matters. The latest technological devices are no longer at the peripheries of our lives, they’re at the centre. Which means there’s no reason you should be without your music and phone calls while on the road.


Engineering matters, too. You want performance and you want efficiency. You want each and every element of a car working in perfect harmony - for all the places you have to go and all the things you want to do.


First impressions? Sleek. tough. Sporty. With a wide, low stance, the Veloster flaunts dynamic character lines that flow throughout the car in every direction.


The powerful and robust exterior design continues inside. Every element reinforces a tough sort of cool, from the purposeful centre fascia to the metal-painted details around the centre console, door handles, air vents and gear stick.


The Veloster impresses with more than its engine. Its aerodynamics have been studied to cut down on drag, while ride and handling have been optimised through advanced technology and engineering. Fuel consumption and emissions are frugal, while collision, NVH and braking performance are first class.


The Veloster’s active safety measures aim to keep you in control at all times. Technologies are deployed when moving, when stationary, when parked on a slope and when travelling over poor road surfaces.


Switches and controls to access the Veloster's convenient multimedia functions are within easy reach on the centre console. A large, 7" LCD displays all the info you need. And with a USB connection, plugging in external devices is easy.

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