European style

Designed by an international team of stylists at the company's design center in Russelsheim, Germany the suave and sophisticated i40 Sedan has a pure European pedigree.

9-airbags protection

With up to nine airbags available, including each driver and passenger airbags, i40 Sedan takes every possible precaution to reduce the risk of serious injury.

High fuel efficiency

The gasoline and diesel engines of the i40 Sedan give high fuel efficiency compared to the competition.


The i40 Sedan speaks Hyundai's design language of “fluidic sculpture.” Inspired by nature’s aesthetics, it presents a perfect harmony of nature, man and machine.


The interior is in perfect synch with the exterior, reflecting sophistication and elegance.


A family of exciting gasoline and diesel engines and transmissions deliver best-in-class fuel economy without compromising power of driving pleasure.


Smart safety systems are programmed to automatically detect dangerous situations and help prevent accidents.


The SPAS (Smart Parking Assist System) of i40 Sedan uses super precision ultrasonic sensors to find a spot and park the vehicle automatically.

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